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  • Accent Lighting

    Accent Lighting

    Accent lights can fold into just about any application, whether you aim to punctuate safety, showcase garden features, or identify entryways for security measures.

  • Deck & Patio

    Deck & Patio Lighting

    Transform your ordinary backyard into a space to relax, enjoy meals, entertain guests, or spend quality time with family, all while basking in the glow you’ve created.

  • Grazing Light

    Grazing Lights

    Place a fixture close to a surface and direct the light across it at a low angle to accentuate textures, shadows, and noteworthy architectural details.

  • Inground Lighting

    In-Ground Lighting

    Commonly used for pathways, driveways, and boundary definition, in-ground lighting gives a discreet but effective nod to both safety and visuals.

  • Moonlighting


    Implement a lower lumen accent fixture high in a tree to recreate the moon’s soft lighting, establishing natural artwork throughout your landscape to enjoy no matter the vantage point.

  • Path Lights

    Path Lighting

    Along with increasing curb appeal,path lighting helps chart your visitors’ passage with a restrained yet visually seductive glow, ensuring safe travel from the driveway to the doorstep.

  • Underwater

    Underwater Lighting

    Underwater lighting brings an ethereal display to the visual experience. Add nighttime visibility to a pool, highlight the flow of a waterfall, or create a mirroring effect on still waters.

  • Wall Washing

    Wall Washing

    When placed a couple feet from a structure, wall washing projects clean, subtle light to a wide area and can be used both to highlight external features as well as deter criminal activity.

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Lighting Warehouse: Your One-Stop Shop for Professional Landscape Lighting 

Lighting Warehouse offers a deep inventory of fully coordinated lighting families and outdoor lighting solutions from the most iconic brands in the industry. Using outdoor path lights to upgrade safety, implementing accent lighting techniques to enhance curb appeal, and warding off intruders with wall wash lights are just a few ways we can help transform your yard into an oasis of your expression. Find your light and experience everything Lighting Warehouse has to offer. 

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The commitment we have to our clientele is anchored by our unbelievably competitive prices for signature products.

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Our warehouses are fully stocked with top-quality lights and lighting accessories to upgrade your outdoor space with flawless functionality and style.

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Lighting Warehouse complies with the more-than-generous warranty provisions set by the most trusted manufacturers in the business.

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From standard to cutting-edge, our diverse inventory is plucked from industry-leading manufacturers to serve every need and nuance.

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Our lighting products are thoroughly vetted in our warehouses to ensure superior, efficiency-forward illumination. 


Boasting a 5-star rating in Google Customer Reviews, Lighting Warehouse is committed to the quality of our services as well as our products.

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Our certified in-house customer service team is armed with the drive and expertise to guide you through any outdoor lighting assistance you may require.


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