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  • Accent Lighting

    Accent Lighting

    Accent lights can fold into just about any application, whether you aim to punctuate safety, showcase garden features,or identify entryways for security measures.

  • Deck & Patio

    Deck & Patio Lighting

    Transform your ordinary backyard into an ideal space to relax,enjoy a meal,entertain guests,or engage in quality time with family, all while basking in the glow you’ve created.

  • Grazing Light

    Grazing Lights

    Place a fixture close to a surface and direct the light across it at a low angle to accentuate textures, shadows, and noteworthy architectural details.

  • Inground Lighting

    In-Ground Lighting

    Commonly used for pathways, driveways, and boundary definition, in-ground lighting gives a discreet but effective nod to both safety and visuals.

  • Moonlighting


    Implement a lower lumen accent fixture high in a tree to recreate the moon’s soft lighting,establishing natural artwork throughout your landscape to enjoy no matter the vantage point.

  • Path Lights

    Path Lighting

    Along with increasing curb appeal,path lighting helps chart your visitors’ passage with a restrained yet visually seductive glow,ensuring safe travel from the driveway to the doorstep.

  • Underwater

    Underwater Lighting

    Underwater lighting brings an ethereal display to the visual experience.Add nighttime visibility to a pool,highlight the flow of a waterfall,or create a mirroring effect on still waters.

  • Wall Washing

    Wall Washing

    When placed a couple feet from a structure,wall washing projects clean,subtle light to a wide area and can be used both to highlight external features as well as deter criminal activity.