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120V Landscape Lighting

120V landscape lighting, or line voltage landscape lighting, is a reliable, cost-effective solution for large outdoor areas. These 120V outdoor lights offer a higher lumen output and are compatible with a wide range of exterior bulbs and lighting accessories for versatility. Installing 120 volt landscape lighting is simple, connecting directly to your primary electrical system without needing a transformer.

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  1. Kichler Three Tier 120 V Path Light Architectural Bronze (No Bulb) | 15205AZT
    Kichler Three Tier 120 V Path Light Architectural Bronze (No Bulb) | 15205AZT
    On-Sale $194.99 List Price $244.99
    SKU: 15205AZT
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120 Volt Landscape Lighting FAQs

What is the difference between line voltage and low voltage lighting?

120V lighting is considered standard higher voltage lighting in North America. It provides exceptional brightness levels and does not require a transformer. Low voltage lighting may be less bright and requires a step-down transformer for installation.

Can I install 120V landscape lighting myself?

You can install line voltage landscape lighting if you have basic electrical knowledge. Although most 120 volt outdoor lighting involves straightforward installation, we recommend consulting a professional electrician to confirm compliance with local regulations, especially with larger landscape lighting projects. Our Lighting Academy resources can also help answer your questions.

Does 120V lighting require special maintenance?

Similar to other outdoor lighting systems, 120V lighting requires regular maintenance. Line voltage lighting maintenance includes using a multimeter to check voltage, checking for damaged wires, replacing bulbs as needed, and ensuring fixtures are clean and secure.

Should I leave landscape lighting on all night?

Leaving landscape lighting on all night can enhance security and aesthetics, but using timers or motion sensors can save energy and prolong the life of the lights. Low voltage lighting consumes less power and can be the smarter choice for extended periods, depending on your requirements.

Is line voltage safe for residential landscaping?

Yes, line voltage is safe for residential landscaping when installed correctly and maintained properly, following local electrical codes and safety guidelines. Because line voltage works with your home’s existing primary electrical system, it’s easier to maintain.