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FX Luminaire

FX Luminaire Splice Connectors | SRP-CONNECT-RGBW

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Specifically designed for use with RGBW strip lights, the SRP splice connector makes it a breeze to link strip lights together, allowing users the freedom to create longer runs of lighting without the need for additional wiring or soldering.

  • Allows for customized lighting designs with ease
  • Includes 3 in. jumper cable, 6 in. jumper cable, closed-end connector, and power feed
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SRP Splice Connectors are engineered to be waterproof and are rated for use in wet locations, making them ideal for outdoor lighting applications. To use the SRP splice connectors, simply cut the strip lights to the desired length then insert the stripped ends of the wires into the connector. The connector has small metal teeth that pierce the insulation wire, creating a secure electrical connection without the need for soldering or crimping. Once the wires are inserted, simply snap the connector closed.


Ten (10) years from date of purchase

Quick Facts

  • Can be used to connect color sections, RGB sections, or RGBW sections of strip lights
  • Suitable for wet environments